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A&A #11 (Cover A - Kano)
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A&A #11 (Cover A - Kano)

A&A #11 (Cover A - Kano)

A&A #11 (Cover A - Kano)
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A&A #11 (Cover A - Kano)
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By:   Rafer Roberts, Mike Norton, Kano
Type:   Comics
Genres:   Superhero
Series:   A&A
Publisher:   Valiant Entertainment LLC
Pub. Date:   January 04, 2017
Availability:   Released
UPC:   85899200335201111

Freaky fracas! Obadiah Archer: Skilled marksmen, trained fighter, and...deranged circus freak?! Through the unfathomable forces of nature, Archer and Gub Gub -- the pint-sized and deranged clone of Armstrong -- have swapped minds!

When Gub Gub's body is kidnapped by nefarious forces, Armstrong and his long-lost wife, Andromeda, must race to save their friend and undo the horrendous merger of minds before the damage becomes permanent!

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