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Spongebob Comics #23
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Spongebob Comics #23

Spongebob Comics #23

Spongebob Comics #23
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Spongebob Comics #23
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By:   Joey Weiser, Gregg Schigiel, Jacob Chabot
Type:   Comics : Kids
Genres:   Humor
Series:   Spongebob Comics
Publisher:   United Plankton Pictures
Pub. Date:   August 14, 2013
Availability:   Not Available
UPC:   85107700300102311

Meet Jay Lee Huntar -- jellyfish hunter extraordinaire and wearer of pith helmets! In "The Jellyfishing Master," Patrick and SpongeBob can only watch in horror as this interloper's traps capture the entire jelly population of Jellyfish Fields. Who or what can save the jelliesÖand SpongeBob's favorite sport?

Then in "The Critic," a restaurant reviewer's visit to the Krusty Krab forces SpongeBob to pull out all the stops, kick out the jams, AND go the whole nine yards to make the most amazing Krabby Patties ever. But what can even SpongeBob do when ingredients run out?
Also in this issue: SpongeBob runs a race, Patrick grows a mustache, and Sandy learns a thing or two about playing cards with idiots! All this and a beach scene pin-up of Goo Lagoon in the full swing of summer!

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