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Graphic Novel Previews: Preview Books Here

Check out our graphic novel previews and see the first few pages of hundreds of books now! We've got exciting sneak peeks into hundreds of titles from Dark Horse Comics, including Buffy books, Mass Effect graphic novels, and more.

Wondering if a graphic novel is really for you? Browse all of our previews below to get a feel of our selection, before you place your order!

Newest Graphic Novel Previews

Bird Boy TPB Volume 1: The Sword of Mali Mani *

Other Popular Graphic Novel Previews

ElfQuest: The Final Quest Volume 1 TPB *
* More First Look Comics

Popular Graphic Novel Previews

Hellboy Volume 7: The Troll Witch and Others TPB
With a new Hellboy series on the stands, fans of the world's greatest...
Oh My Goddess! Volume 14 TPB
Ever since a cosmic phone call brought the literal young goddess Belldandy...
BB Wolf and the 3 LPs HC
Set in the Mississippi Delta of the 1920s, B.B. Wolf & The 3 LPs is a...
Hoax Hunters TPB Vol. 01 Murder Death and the Devil
In this first collection of the critically acclaimed series, the Hoax...

Comics Previews

* This Damned Band #2
* Barb Wire #1
* Joe Golem #4
* Lone Wolf 2100 #1
* Fight Club 2 #7 (Duncan Fegredo variant cover)
* Halo: Escalation #19
* Itty Bitty Comics: Grimmiss Island #2
* The Order of the Forge #3
* More Comics Previews