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Blade of the Immortal Volume 24: Massacre TPB
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Blade of the Immortal Volume 24: Massacre TPB

Blade of the Immortal Volume 24: Massacre TPB

2 customer reviews
By:   Hiroaki Samura
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   Action-Adventure, Manga
Publisher:   Dark Horse
Pub. Date:   October 19, 2011
Availability:   Released
ISBN:   978-1-59582-751-7
UPC:   978159582751751999
For ages:   16+
Details:   b&w, 208 pages, TP, 5 3/4" x 8 1/4"

There's going to be a massacre at Edo Castle! While the bitter Kagimura believes that he's sending his forces chasing after Anotsu and the entire Itto-ryu crew, Anotsu fakes them all out and risks his life in one mad dash back to the Edo Castle grounds! What is his strange mission? Also believing that she's still on Anotsu's trail, Rin travels with Manji behind a group of decoy Itto-ryu warriors, whose dreadful soldiers are still lethal without their leader.

* The turning point in the award-winning series!

(2 Customer Reviews)

  • Jan 07, 2012 Maral from Canada

    The latter 2/3 of this volume were frickin' badass and utterly fantastic. However I almost didn't make it there because of the really, REALLY disgusting sequence with Shira at the beginning. Samura is into torture porn and in this volume he indulges himself to a level we haven't seen before. To be honest, after that sequence I wasn't even not sure I even want to keep reading the series, despite the fact that I love the art, story and characters so much and have for years. It's just so unnecessary for him to always show women being subjugated in such horrific ways, especially when it's clear that he does it because he gets off on it. There are other ways to tell the same story (that Shira is a sick monster, for example) without going into such lovingly graphic, disgusting detail. Samura needs to keep his kinky fetishes to himself and focus on the great samurai action story.

  • Nov 29, 2011 Ricardo from Portugal

    Really good, like all the other blade of the immortal

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