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Orc Stain Vol. 01 TPB
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Orc Stain Vol. 01 TPB
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By:   James Stokoe
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   Fantasy
Publisher:   Image Comics
Pub. Date:  
Availability:   Can be backordered today for arrival at our warehouse in 15 - 30 days
UPC:   9781607062950
For ages:   16+
Page Count:   168
Details:   Soft cover, Soft cover

This item is currently not available, but we will special order a copy from our supplier if you choose to backorder it from us today. Delivery will be delayed while the backorder is processed and shipped from our supplier to our warehouse. Your credit card will not be charged for this item until it is ready to be shipped to you. For more information, please see our backordering help page.

For a million millennia the world has cracked and convulsed under the indomitable mob of the orc. Savage, bloodthirsty creatures, they are without number, staining nearly every corner of the globe.

The mighty Orc Tzar, newest leader of the mob, marches ever north to find the lost organ of a forgotten god. Only a lone one-eyed orc with a mysterious gift can find the key to breaking the cycle forever.

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