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Check Out What Some of Our Other Customers Have to Say!

One of the best ways for people to find the top comics, toys, and collectibles is right here at! We are proud of our selection and low prices, and we take our commitment to serve our customers very seriously. Check out what some other folks have said recently:

Review by Kida on: 12/26/16
I am beyond happy with the Hellboy comics that I ordered. They look so much cooler than I thought they would. I am planing on ordering more of them in the future. Things From Another World is by far the best website I have ever ordered from.

Review by Ryan on: 12/25/16
TFAW has long been my source for comics and every time I've needed assistance I have been helped fully. Will always get my monthly issues via TFAW.

Review by Stubby on: 12/21/16
Found this website looking for comics, i have orderd from multiple places and i can say for a fact TFAW has shown they are reliable fast and sell quality merchandice. When i go to purchase comic books from now on this is the store.

Review by Kida on: 12/15/16
Just recently I started to re-watch the Hellboy movies and animation movies. I have always been curious about the Hellboy comics and decided to give them a try. A friend of mine let me borrow one of the Hellboy comics that she owned. After reading it, I was instantly set on getting my own. Iíve searched around for sites that sell the Hellboy comics, when I stumbled onto Things From Anther World. Best site Iíve come across and I instantly fell in love. I do plan on ordering more comics very soon and I canít wait to receive the ones that Iíve ordered.

Review by Buzz on: 12/14/16
Excellent site and service. Very friendly and reliable.

Review by Ray on: 12/13/16
Been extremely pleased thus far although new to TFAW. Previous order arrived on schedule and packed well enough to ensure its remaining in mint condition!

Review by Tia on: 12/11/16
Great products and service.

Review by Joe on: 12/10/16
Love the site and the prices are great. Shipments arrive in timely manner and in great shape.

Review by Vinny on: 12/8/16 is a a very reliable comic book service company.

Review by Michael on: 12/4/16
Great products. What a website. Review by Don on: 11/28/16
Great store and good and fair prices. Fun to shop and have never had a problem with packing and packaging. Arrives in condition stated and when I had a problem it was taken care of lightning fast. Highly pleased and urge anyone to check this out.

Review by Raymond on: 11/28/16
I love this place! I only wish I had more money to spend on their sales. :)

Review by Heather on: 11/28/16
Love the comics offered. Especially the Marvel.

Review by Sae on: 11/28/16
Awesome selection. Great prices. Fast, easy, & excellent checkout process. I love the Nick & Dent section!

Review by Kim on: 11/28/16
Great sale with a lot of affordably priced items!

Review by Mick on: 11/26/16
With the closest comic store more than 60 miles away, is a life saver. I would have to say everything you are looking for and more: good prices and safe shipping. Just glad they sell online. Thank you TFAW.

Review by Moses on: 11/25/16
Great website, even greater selection.

Review by Tre on: 11/23/16
Extremely satisfied with the service I received, would recommend to others.

Review by Kim on: 11/17/16
Very happy with my purchase. Appreciate the ease of purchase. Returning to purchase was super easy. Thank you.

Review by Kim on: 11/6/16
I love how easy your site is to use. I'm very grateful for the option to have the comics bagged with a back for such a great price. Have recommended you site to others already.

Review by Seth on: 11/3/16
I love the site! TFAW saves me tons of time each month from having to travel an hour round trip to pick up my monthly pulls from people who act like I'm just wasting their time. Your books always show up in good condition and packed quite well. I am also quite happy with the preorder availablity of your products, as well as the ability to edit your monthly pull list as one sees fit. Thank you for your great service. You really do a bang up job!

Review by Toni on: 10/20/16
Very happy with this purchase as the 2 other companies I tried were sold out or advertised so I ordered to have them cancel my order 6 weeks later because they couldn't fill it!

Review by Sheridan on: 10/12/16
TFAW has been great, even cancelling an order that was made in error. I have nothing but good things to say about them!

Review by Cookie on: 10/10/16
Great site with tremendous inventory.

Review by Andy on: 10/9/16
Amazing comic book shopping experience. Such a great selection compared to what I have available here in my town.

Review by Christopher on: 10/7/16
Easy to use and lots of options. Stoked to use the service and recommend it to others.

Review by Stan on: 10/7/16
I really enjoy TFAW's selection of products, prices, and pre-order/subscription discounts. Overall, customer service and the benefits of TFAW are what keep me around.

Review by Colin on: 10/5/16
Best site I ever use. Simple, clear, efficient.

Review by Mike on: 10/3/16
I was very happy and pleased with the prices and comic books that I had found.

Review by Guy on: 10/3/16
I have shopped at TFAW for many years and I am always satisfied with choices, and prices.

Review by Colleen on: 10/1/16
Fantastic selection of comics, easy to find individual issues, good prices, and easy to order and check out.

Review by Huntie on: 9/30/16
I had trouble finding the comics my nephew wanted then I found TFAW. Everything he wanted they had. I think this is a fantastic site and so does my nephew. Thank you for being there.

Review by Matthew on: 9/29/16
I think TFAW is an exceptonal comicbook store, with all the newest titles, and a bunch of awesome stuff besides that too. Also an extremely fast shipping. Great discounts new titles, and pre-orders. Keep up the great work!

Review by Megan on: 9/29/16
So excited for this pre-order item and getting a signed bookplate with it!!!! YES!!! BEST GIFT EVER! Thanks! I've been to your store before. It's a wonderful place to get lost for an hour, or more!

Review by Waldo on: 9/25/16
Hey you guys just want to say thank you for the hard work on making sure my packages make it to the proper location and undamaged I'm always satisfied with the service you guys are giving out. Keep it up you guys.

Review by Thom on: 9/9/16
Very nice customer service, products first class, shipping on time, an great selection at great prices.

Review by Rees on: 9/8/16
I have found all there items to be great I like the deals and the service is GREAT! I wish I would get some some of the promo codes but never seem to get those,maybe someday!

Review by R.H. on: 9/2/16
To the great people at TFAW! I always come to your website when I'm looking for a collectible/figure. You have really reasonable prices and I think youare one of the most trustworthy comics/collectibles webstore around. Keep up the great work!

Review by Stewart on: 8/17/16
The shipping was faster than estimated and the packages arrived properly protected. Nothing but good to say.

Review by Bo on: 8/15/16
I'm very satisfied with the item puchased and TFAW. I will buy from TAW again. Much thanks.

Review by Alison on: 8/13/16
Amazing website! I was, and have always been, able to find what I want/need from TFAW easily. I love it! I've been ordering for less than a year and I'm more pleased here than with any other website. Will continue to order for as long as TFAW stays amazing and available.

Review by Mitch on: 8/6/16
Site was very easy to use. Checkout was quick and easy.

Review by Ian on: 8/5/16
This is probably the easiest and most reliable service I've had. My only "complaint" would be tha my packages sometimes show up sooner than I was expecting. I do love the surprise of when it does so up and it's not really a complaint but it would be nice to have more accuracy. This is still and will be my favorite to buy comics.

Review by Logan on: 8/5/16
It is absolutely my favorite website to shop for entertainment and pop culture items.

Review by Beth on: 8/5/16
Easy to find what you're looking for, easy to register with and purchase from.

Review by Chad on: 8/3/16
Easy to use website and checkout was a breeze.

Review by Matt on: 8/3/16
The service from TFAW is great. I love their ordering system, particularly how easy it is to pre-order. I always look forward to my comics!!! I also order for my son, to whom I re-ship the comics (he's deployed overseas).

Review by R.H. on: 8/1/16
I liked the check out process where all the items such as shipping and whether my items were pre-ordered and whether I wanted the comics bagged and boarded were all presented to me to check for accuracy before I submitted the order. Very organized and professional. I'll be back.

Review by R.H. on: 8/1/16
Best available source for a New Zealand customer.

Review by Elijah on: 7/25/16
Best place to shop for comic related merchandise.

Review by Benjamin on: 7/24/16
This is probably the easiest and most reliable service I've had. My only "complaint" would be tha my packages sometimes show up sooner than I was expecting. I do love the surprise of when it does so up and it's not really a complaint but it would be nice to have more accuracy. This is still and will be my favorite to buy comics.

Review by Brandon on: 7/24/16
I've been subscribed to Fight Club 2 and have ordered a few mystery comics and I love the service and the speed you ship out products. Thank you.

Review by Stewart on: 7/20/16
Just wanted to let you know that your website it laid out in a nice orderly and easily accessible manner. It's always an efficient way for me to place an order for what I want.

Review by Nick on: 7/17/16
My go to comic seller!

Review by Jonathan on: 7/15/16
I visited the Beverton store for the first time recently and the employees were very friendly and helpful. After asking about some back issues, I was told about your website and free shipping to the store. I am excited to pick up my first order in a few days!

Review by James on: 7/14/16
Your service is awesome, living in Ireland I've had a hard time (til recently) getting comics period, especially at a reasonable price, which you guys deliver in spades. Customer support was great as well, lovely to speak too, keep up the solid work!!

Review by Brock on: 7/12/16
Comic books are scarce when you want to get popular issues at the store but I was directed to the website and can't stoput buying. Uber satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend to any person.

Review by Arthur on: 7/3/16
Everything your order arrives quickly and in good condition! Whenever my local comic store doesn't have a certain back issue or obscure book, TFAW has always had what I was looking for.

Review by Vanna on: 6/28/16
I love this site! Whenever I need my comic fix, I come here and get anything I'm missing!

Review by Kylo on: 6/27/16
I love visiting this amazing comic book and entertainment store in Universal City, CA! The staff is always friendly and I come here often with friends and we always have a good time. I highly recommend this store to anyone who's a comic book fan or a fan of pop culture, you will not regret it and my online purchase was smooth. I rate TFAW 5 stars! 👌

Review by Robb on: 6/25/16
Shipping of items is done very well as no damage to products.

Review by Tim on: 6/24/16
I had not heard about TFAW until I received a Facebook notice about The Witcher 3 Statues. Now I am very happy for this notice. I absolutely love the Witcher and the statues look incredible. I recently began collecting statues, action figures and other collectible figures and am always looking for new company's to purchase items from as well as good deals on my purchases. Things From Anither World will most likely be a frequent shopping destination for future purchases. The Witcher statue of Geralt was sold out on Big Bad Toy Store and Amazon Prime. The price for the figures was also at minimum $10 more expensive elsewhere. I am excited to have found a new site for collecting as well as new figures to arrive.

Review by Blake on: 6/24/16
I think this service is great so far. I've looked at other places and TFAW is very competitive.

Review by Tim on: 6/22/16
Easy to use. Known about them for years but this is my first order.

Review by Andrew on: 6/22/16
The site has some really great items and the prices are reasonable. Easy to navigate and find what I'm looking for.

Review by Ricky on: 6/19/16
I live overseas and cannot get these items in my country...items have been packaged to a high quality, shipping is fast and I am kept up to date with my items when I have pre-ordered. Have recommended this store highly on a fan forum for Lost in Space fans as well. I am so impressed--well done guys, thank you.

Review by Jose on: 6/18/16
So I've looked around online to shop for the graphic novels I've missed out on, and I never get any luck on being satisfied. Until today. I found this site, and everything is here and the prices are great--actually amazing. Not to mention that I just purchased The Goon and it's the first volume, and I'm just giving it a first try with an amazing site I just discovered. So thank you very much for your service. Definitely 10/10.

Review by Kuno on: 6/16/16
Was looking for a certain book, and this nice store had it at a great price. Can't wait to read it!

Review by Alejandra on: 6/14/16
TFAW is one of my fav to get comic books. They alwayes have what I need and the prices so far are unbeatable. Service is really good and I havent have any problem with any purchase.

Review by Rich on: 6/11/16
I have been dealing with tfaw for many years and I'm very happy with there service and the quality of there product.

Review by David on: 6/4/16
I love the selection of trade paperbacks. I can always find what I am looking for.

Review by Benjamin on: 6/4/16
Over all my shopping experience was incredible, I didn't have a hard time navigating through the website and finding what I was looking for.

Review by Keith on: 6/4/16
Best site for comics out there hands down.

Review by Cory on: 6/2/16
Everything was excellent. It was easy to find what I wanted, and quick to check out.

Review by Scott on: 6/1/16
The only online store that I know of where you can buy single comics. Everything arrives on time and in perfect condition, and they usually have the hard to find comics.

Review by Andy on: 5/29/16
The shipping option is surprisingly great!!!

Review by Talus on: 5/28/16
Always packaged well to protect against mishandling during S&H which is a big plus. Have had issues with that from another company (EE) which doesn't make sure they package well enough against damage. Needless to say I don't order from that other company any longer due to that very issue!

Review by Justin on: 5/28/16
I love TFAW, they offer great prices, the best customer service, and I tell everyone in my comic book Facebook groups how good you guys are! I won't go anywhere else!

Review by J. Fonts on: 5/16/16
It's such a good place. Their subscription system is top notch

Review by Vexx on: 5/14/16
Great online shopping and service.

Review by T. Connell on: 5/14/16
Wonderful site! Only place where I purchase comics online!

Review by Wes on: 5/11/16
Always easy to use and quick to ship! Love TFAW for making the things I love easy to get.

Review by Metz on: 5/9/16
You guys had way more of what I wanted at a way more reasonable price than any other site. Seriously--thank you.

Review by Marc on: 5/5/16
TFAW is the best online comic shop I know.

Review by Derrick on: 4/27/16
I have never had a bad experience ordering from Things From Another World which is why I keep coming back.

Review by Marih on: 4/25/16
My favorite online comic book store.

Review by Nolan on: 4/20/16
TFAW is great! Great selection, great prices! Very happy customer here!

Review by CJ on: 4/18/16
Website is very informative and very easy to find what you are looking for. Has more selections then any other comic book stores do. I'm a big fan.

Review by Gabe on: 4/17/16
I go to TFAW when my local shop does not have what I need. Missed Paper Girls? Go to TFAW. They didn't get issue #3 of Sheriff of Babylon? Go to TFAW. I encourage my friends to buy local, but sometimes local shops don't come through.

Review by Ed on: 4/8/16
TFAW is by far the best web based comic shop I've ever worked with. I am extremely pleased with your product, your website and most of all your customer service.

Review by Kate on: 4/7/16
I've ordered a wonderful art book here (Alice Madness Returns) and I'm planning to order here more and more -there are so much amazing things on TFAW! And technical support is fast to answer and reeeally polite. I already love this site.

Review by James on: 4/6/16
My local comic store owner for 20 years died in October. I searched for ways to get comics online and I saw TFAW had great reviews. I subscribed to some comics through DC comics subscriptions and I started getting my comics from TFAW. The comics from DC tended to get mangled in the mail so I cancelled my subscriptions they were sending me and started getting those through TFAW. I have been more than satisfied with the condition of the comics I receive from TFAW.

Review by Tim on: 4/4/16
I just found them last year, but I'm extremely happy with the service so far!

Review by Erin on: 4/3/16
I have never experienced anything bad with TFAW. They pack your books with care so they will not get damaged during the shipping.

Review by Seb on: 3/29/16
TFAW is one of my favorite places to shop! The ability to subscribe to multiple comic series saves some serious time.

Review by E.K. on: 3/27/16
Your site was so easy to navigate and I loved the selection you had! Pre-ordering was also super easy. I'll definitely be back.

Review by Keith on: 3/24/16
Love the site, love the Bag & Board option: definitely a professional touch there. I have ordered from sites and they get an edge of the book caught in the box and it's a pain to deal with. My favorite site to buy comics no doubt.

Review by Allysun on: 3/21/16
The site is great! I was able to order/preorder everything I wanted with ease. Will definitely order again!

Review by Roman on: 3/20/16
Very good prices and wide selection with worldwide shipping. Very satisfied.

Review by Felix on: 3/20/16
I got my order on time in the mail the packaging was very well sealed and the book was in very good condition. You have a very good website your prices are really good. I will definitely be ordering more from you in the near future to come.

Review by Aaron on: 3/19/16
I love this store.

Review by Chelsey on: 3/18/16
Great selection. I'm just getting into comics and your website was so helpful at pointing me in directions I like! Shipping is reasonable and I like that you provide bag and board for only 25 cents!

Review by Jenny on: 3/18/16
It's a great online store. I first discovered it at City Walk and I needed to purchase more items so I simply looked online and it is as great as the store itself. Everything is truly unique.

Review by Frankie on: 3/17/16
Continues to be my go to place for comics

Review by Rick on: 3/12/16
TFAW has been, and remains, top in the game. I've never been disappointed in their service, variety of goods, or the excellence of their shipping. Every order has been received in great shape and in good time.

Review by Jack on: 3/11/16
Every time I order somethin from TFAW, it ends up being just as easy as the first. F@*king love this store, the staff around PDX, and the ease of use/quality of the products. Thanks for being such an awesome comic shop, both online and in person.

Review by Tommy on: 3/9/16
Love being able to order back issues right from home. Saves me the trouble of digging through boxes and not finding what I'm looking for most of the time. The sales are very good too.

Review by Bob on: 3/7/16
TFAW is the only site where I order these items. They are simply the very best.

Review by Layne on: 3/3/16
Package received in perfect condition--a pleasure to deal with.

Review by Bob on: 2/29/16
Absolutely the very best site for all graphic novels, magazines, books, and the universe Easy to find the item, easy to order, notified when it is shipped, safely packaged. WOW!!!!! People who care. Thank you for existing and renewing my faith in humanity.

Review by Richie on: 2/29/16
This site is awesome, it is always my first stop for comics!

Review by Michael on: 2/28/16
I love the site. It is the best comics web site on the 'net - IMHO. Recently I moved to another state and decided to give my former TFAW business to a more local (and huge) comic store. Boy, was that a mistake. You guys are professional and do things in a customer centric way. Far different than the large CO based comic book store. Thanks for being who you are. All my paper comics business is now coming back to TFAW. Not a matter of money, just the combination of excellent CS and a top notch web site. :)

Review by Steve on: 2/26/16
I love TFAW! I love their stores and website. Great selection.

Review by Peter on: 2/25/16
Fantastic seller especially for overseas customers like me shipping is exceptionally reasonable commpared to other dealers highly recommended

Review by Woodie on: 2/19/16
Even though I don't always buy something from this site every time I visit, I can find things easier here than any other site that I've been to looking for the same thing. I typically do find better deals here and in the past have gotten great gifts for others. If they only knew.

Review by Daniel on: 2/13/16
Product came in a timely manner. Keep up the great work.

Review by Steve on: 2/8/16
I had an issue with a damaged book and was impressed but how courteous and efficient I was treated and sent a replacement item.

Review by Delaney on: 2/3/16
I absolutely love TFAW. It is where I get all of my comic books and graphic novels. My orders are always processed and shipped quickly and efficiently. I am so glad that I found this company! If anyone is looking to buy comics I would recommend this site because they have great deals and delivery is top notch.

Review by Matthew on: 2/3/16
What a great Site. Easy to use. I have such a big list of comics, busts, toys, I want and with one click I saved my whole shopping cart to my wish list so I can come back tomorrow and order. What a brilliant site! Glad to be a member.

Review by Marc on: 1/6/16
I had an issue with a damaged book and was impressed but how courteous and efficient I was treated and sent a replacement item.

Review by Marc on: 1/5/16
I just got off the phone with Kyle Steele and I just wanted to let you know that your customer service is exceptional.

Review by David on: 1/2/16
TFAW's ordering process is simple and the comics arrive in great condition especially when pre bagged and borded.

Review by Chad on: 1/1/16
I have ordered from TFAW on Black Friday for several years, usually spending several 100 dollars. I say without reservation that this year was the most satisfying experience of many several years. The service was quick, the order complete, the product was all in excellent condition and packed well.

Review by Bee on: 12/23/15
I had to contact customer service regarding a shipment that never arrived. The rep got back to me within a few hours and sent me replacement items right away. It was the best customer service experience I've ever had and it's definitely a huge reason why I continue to be a customer.

Review by Sam on: 12/23/15
This is the best comic book store I have found online.

Review by Ash on: 12/18/15
Love the bag and board option for comics! It's so much easier than buying the bags and boards seperate and doing it myself.

Review by J. Garcia on: 12/9/15
I love browsing at! I always see something interesting I missed before and then comes the hard part of deciding what to choose.

Review by Shane on: 11/30/15
The site is easy to navigate and very user friendly. As a matter of fact more retailers should take notes. Even much larger companies and corporations fail to create sites that are this easy to navigate and utilize. The sales are amazing and should you need live customer service, the humans are extraordinarily pleasant. Simply stated, I Love This place. I am a repeat customer and have been for years...Like that one big guy from the movies, you know, what's his name, said "I'll Be Back".

Review by Martin on: 11/23/15
Ordering through TFAW is second to none! The process is seamless. The account page provides easy tracking.

Review by Sabrina on: 11/19/15
Thank you all so much! Absolutely adored the careful packaging of the products and the speedy shipping. TFAW is amazing! There's no need for any other comic shop. Will definitely buy all my comics from here. :)

Review by Tim on: 11/4/15
Boundlessly resourceful and imminently reliable. My first and only choice when shopping online.

Review by Daryn on: 11/1/15
I live in WA State and I'd always been looking for a local company to order from. These days, a lot of the stores don't carry a lot -- with TFAW I can get what I want at a competitive price, buy from other TFAW-based programs such as nick and dent, receive my items really quick since I'm also based in the Pacific Northwest. Ordering is awesome on the site -- easy to navigate & shop no matter what you're looking for.

Also, the guaranteed certificate I get free w/ each purchase is so valuable to me as a customer because it truly puts the decisions in the hands of the buyer. I can tell that TFAW prides itself on providing excellent content without sacrificing great customer service. If I ever had an issue, I know that you guys would take care of me. And I really appreciate that.

Review by Kevin on: 10/31/15
I love this site. They have a wide selection of comics, graphic novels, trade paperback and gifts. I have always been pleased with each and every order. I know that when I order from them that the items are carefully packed and shipped and that I will receive them in excellent condition. This is my favorite shopping site.

Review by Francisco on: 10/22/15
Thanks for the service and the quality of the purchase and delivery service.

Review by Matheus on: 10/21/15
This site is amazing. We don't have a lot of comic stores here in Brazil, so TFAW is great for us. Buysafe guarantee and tracking number for parcel priority was what made me buy from you. Keep doing the good work!

Review by Brian on: 10/20/15
Excellent service, one of the best online sites around!

Review by Maja on: 10/11/15
Thank you for your safe and on-time shipment. I really enjoy buying from your site and I will definitely continue visiting it and buying from you in the future.

Review by Bob on: 9/19/15
This site is great ! Very easy to use. Good information.

Review by Bonnie on: 9/13/15
Love your site and service! There just isn't a comic book shop in my town, but shopping with TFAW is like being in the best store ever! I especially like the subscription service to make sure I don't miss an issue. :)

Review by Nick on: 9/10/15
TFAW is a great company. I appreciate your professionalism and honesty. I am really impressed with TFAW. The best online shopping experience.

Review by Melissa on: 9/4/15
I have always enjoyed using TFAW to order my products. Customer service is excellent as well.

Review by Andreas on: 8/26/15
Thank you for some excellent experience shopping with you! Great offers, fast shipping and great support. I will never use Amazon or eBay again! :)

Review by Saskia on: 8/25/15
I have been a customer for a couple of years now, and I must say that TFAW is exceptionally good with their customer service. The website itself is easy to manage when looking for a specific item. I ordered some things in the 'nick & dent' section once, and I couldn't find any flaws in the products. Packaging is great. In my opinion a great website!

Review by Joel on: 8/24/15
Just wanted to drop a line to you at TFAW and say thank you and that I appreciate very much the buySAFE guarantee as well as everything else that you do for us as customers.

Review by Scott on: 8/24/15
Very good website with great sale and the package always arrives on time and safely.

Review by Rebecca on: 8/9/15
The entire transaction was awesome! Very intuitive website and great communication!

Review by Kimi on: 8/1/15
Love the site! Great variety of the collectables we love!

Review by Derek on: 8/1/15
Great service. My go to place for all of my comics now.

Review by Adam on: 7/30/15
No issues & appreciate the fast delivery & well-packaged items!

Review by Tony on: 7/29/15
Happy with this site. I like shopping without having to drive 25 miles both ways to get the same things for more money.

Review by CJ on: 7/22/15
Great site! Large selection and finding what you want is a breeze. Checkout process was smooth. Prices were lower than my local shop!

Review by Roland on: 7/22/15
I like you guys: it is the fastest method of shipping comic books to Russia .

Review by Dave on: 7/22/15
I love your site! The website is nice and easy to find things...I love being able to make subscriptions and I like not having to pay for pre-orders until they ship. TFAW is perfect, no need to change a thing! Great job TFAW!

Review by Caitlyn on: 7/22/15
I gotta say that this is actually the only place I buy comics online. You happen to be the most reliable site when it comes to purchasing comics. I've never had any issues with my packages and I've never had anything I'd want to complain about. Keep up the great work!

Review by Brent on: 7/17/15
I received excellent service throughout. All of my goods shipped were in excellent condition. This is probably the best website of its kind.

Review by Sarah on: 7/15/15
I love everything about TFAW, especially the option to ship purchases to the store for free. I love going into the store (Milwaukie location) and talking to the employees, they always make me feel welcome and are great at recommending new comics that I might like. I read stories online about women not feeling welcome at comic stores but this is 100% not true for TFAW, me and my 4yr old daughter are always treated like friends on every visit.

Review by Marcel on: 7/15/15
One of my favorite places for online shopping. I am thankful there isn't a store near-by because I would be there far too often. The website is fantastic, the prices are great, the selection is amazing. The service makes me smile.

Review by Jon on: 7/9/15
Great experience as always. Keep up the good work.

Review by Jay on: 7/9/15
In store staff are the best. Online shopping is easy and convenient.

Review by Matthew on: 7/3/15
Extremely pleased by shipping and product information.

Review by Jessica on: 7/1/15
I received my order very quickly and in perfect condition. Great service.

Review by Shana on: 6/28/15
The website was extremely easy to navigate. A ton of options to choose from. Very fast shipping and very well packaged. Thank you.

Review by Hannah on: 6/28/15
Thank you for great products. I received them promptly within the shipping range and all the items were packaged efficiently. Would order from again!

Review by Lori on: 6/26/15
I received my comic quickly and had no trouble. Thanks for the great service!

Review by Bailey on: 6/26/15
It was a wonderful shopping experience.

Review by Vilmos on: 6/19/15
Thank you so much for packing my comics in protective cardboard envelopes. I really appreciate the measures you guys took to protect my issues during international shipping. You know how these delivery service workers handle packages these days.

Review by Jennifer on: 6/13/15
I must say I am very happy with the products, prices and shipping. All the items I brought were in stock and packaged very nice and safe. They arrived in perfect condition and are now on display (yay!).

Review by Larry on: 5/28/15
Excellent your website really has it together. I have been reading comics since I was 6 and I am now 73. In all you do a terrific job keeping all up to date.

Review by Lipka on: 5/27/15
Hands down the best online comic store.

Review by A. Boyer on: 5/25/15
Good selection of products at reasonable prices.

Review by Corey on: 5/24/15
This website is great and they are exemplary at what they do.

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They are some of the best online shopping experts I have found. They have a level of professionalism that is reassuring and comforting when dealing with their customer service team and they always answer all of my questions swiftly. Having worked in the customer service business for many years, and running my own helpdesk. I can say that these people are true professionals, and just all around great people.

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FAST shipping. FRIENDLY service. 5-star rating*****THANKS. My daughter loves it.

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I found the graphic novels I was looking for easily and at a good price.

Review by Anthony on: 4/11/15
I have been using the site for about 3 years now and its absolutely incredible. Being young but still having a full time job putting in about 60 hours a week, I can never find the time to go to my local comic stores to check whats new or even to buy something to read. Your subscription system and how I can have all the comics I could possibly want, with the options of different variant covers and shipping times, is incredible. Thank you for helping me keep my collection going strong and keep doing what you're doing, I have yet to be disappointed.

Review by Tony on: 4/3/15
I have been a customer of TFAW for 6 years and have always had nothing but the best of experiences with their web site and customer care team. I have and will continue to recommend their business.

Review by Melanie on: 3/25/15
I'm totally loving the sale that's going on! I just wanted to let you know that I just saw in my cart that something was marked to remind me it was previously ordered. This is a great feature!! Also, Kyle helps me so much with all my questions. Thank you to him as well!

Review by Justin on: 3/25/15
Just wanted to drop a note, and say that you guys run an awesome website. I am addicted to it now. You can definitely expect many more orders to come from me. Thank you for the awesome customer service. Flawless.

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As a first time patron of Things From Another World, I was blown away. I gained access to comics with variant covers and ashcans I could have only dreamed about, but the ability to pre-order at such great discounts were what sent this service out of this world (pun intended). When going through the online purchasing process I had a few questions as well as points of clarification I needed addressed, so I called Customer Service and was lucky to get Kyle on the phone. His knowledge of Things From Another World's services was outstanding and he was quickly as well as accurately able to answer my questions. Now I sit back in anticipation of all the goodies headed my way.

Review by Erwin on: 3/19/15
I had a little problem with the tracking number of my package, but thanks to Allison Wilson of customer service and the support it gave me about my order, I have received my package in perfect condition and I hope deal with you guys again.

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I have absolutely only good things to say about your website! Every single item I have ordered has arrived in a decent time and in excellent condition! Thank you so very much for your excellent customer service.

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Always a great experience ordering from this site. A lot of times its variants I can never get my hands on for a reasonable price!

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I was really happy with my experience with TFAW. I would order from them again.

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Hey TFAW I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your business online and love your official site shop. Thanks for making sure my order purchases of comics arrived on time last month. Thank you.

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Always love the service from TFAW. Getting my books in the mail is always a pleasure.

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Ordered 4 nick & dent Star Wars trades this month and I think I need my eyes checked; the books are perfect. As always, thank you for the great service and unparalleled standard of quality!

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Found you guys by accident, and love the discounts and how easy it is to navigate on the site. You have everything I am looking for!

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I enjoy the great customer service.

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Things From Another World is an excellent online official comic shop. It has everything a geek girl or comic collector like me could ask for. I love all the stuff stocked on there.

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TFAW always comes through! Shipping is spot on and I'm always notified in advance. I recommend TFAW to anyone that is looking for that hard to find issue!

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Lower prices than what I have on other sites!

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I love shopping with Things From Another World. Finding comic books has never been easier or more convenient. The site layout is superb and extremely intuitive. I'll be shopping here a lot going forward.

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Seamless transaction as always! Best selection and best prices! Books are always packaged safe and sound for shipping!

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Great overall shopping experience.

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Absolutely marvelous! Amazing selection and friendly staff!

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The service I receive from TFAW has always been exceptional. My comics always come in great condition. Even with the few problems that have occurred, TFAW has never hesitated to fix them. TFAW's customer service really goes above and beyond.

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Awesome site! TFAW has everything I want and the pricing just could not get any better! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

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