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Direwolf Cub
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Direwolf Cub
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By:   George R.R. Martin
Genres:   Fantasy, Romance, Science-Fiction, Travel, War
Orig. Released:  
Release Date:  
Availability:   Not Available
For ages:   10+
Details:   Comes with complimentary one-year supply of Purina Direwolf Chow

Each year, dozens of direwolf cubs are abused and neglected. But you can give one of these magical creatures--long believed extinct--a good home today!

Our direwolf cubs have been rescued from the terrors that threaten their lives north of The Wall. And for $2,499.00--less than a dollar a day--you can provide food, medical attention, and plenty of love to an adorable (note: also deadly) direwolf of your very own.

The direwolf is the sigil of the House of Stark, of Northern Westeros. But thanks to TFAW, you no longer have to be a member of nobility to enjoy the company of one of these majestic creatures. Please keep in mind that:

  • Direwolves are incredibly smart and loyal, but also lethal.
  • Adult wolves grow to the size of a small horse.
  • Our direwolves have had all necessary vaccinations and come with paperwork certifying that they are purebred.
  • Warning: Direwolves can be quite dangerous and are not recommended as pets.

TFAW assumes no liability for any injuries to either the purchaser, or to the general public, by our direwolf cubs, including loss of limbs, disemboweling, decapitation, death, or allergic reaction. No returns or exchanges allowed. If you are attacked by a direwolf cub, call police immediately.


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