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Vampire Hunter D Volume 24: Throng of Heretics (Novel)
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Vampire Hunter D Volume 24: Throng of Heretics (Novel)

Vampire Hunter D Volume 24: Throng of Heretics (Novel)

1 customer review
By:   Hideyuki Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Amano
Type:   Books
Genres:   Fantasy, Horror
Publisher:   Dark Horse
Release Date:   September 14, 2016
Availability:   Released
ISBN:   978-1-61655-789-8
For ages:   14+
Details:   b&w, 248 pages; TPB, 5 1/8'' x 7 1/4''

After a Frontier village's monitoring station fails, deadly vampire Nobles return to life, swearing vengeance on the descendants of the family that defeated them three hundred years ago. The mayor of the village hires five Vampire Hunters, including the legendary D, but as the mayor returns from the Capital, he finds that his daughter has been targeted by vicious human enemies! In this brewing three-way battle of life and death, no one's survival is assured . . .

(1 Customer Review)

  • Oct 14, 2016 Gabriela Lˇpez V. from Mexico

    I have been buying VHD books from volume 1 to 24, and the sometimes lack of planning, editing or whatever it is this books lacks, the fact that all the other characters appear in more pages than D, the stupid powers, the repetitive phrases and plot lines, the zero backstory info, I bared with it all. But this time I considered to not buy this series anymore. This book was all of the above together, boring and it also has the Hideyuki┬┤s Ôoh, look, D stomped on the plotÔ resource is almost ridiculous. So, no, I did not like it as I didn┬┤t like the past 2 volumes. If you are expecting something like Mysterious Journey to the North Sea, forget it.

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