Billionaire Killers #1 (Cover C - Nahuelpan) at
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Billionaire Killers #1 (Cover C - Nahuelpan)
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Billionaire Killers #1 (Cover C - Nahuelpan)

Billionaire Killers #1 (Cover C - Nahuelpan)

Billionaire Killers #1 (Cover C - Nahuelpan)
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Billionaire Killers #1 (Cover C - Nahuelpan)
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By:   Matteo Pizzolo, Soo Lee, Amancay Nahuelpan
Type:   Comics
Series:   Billionaire Killers
Publisher:   Black Mask Comics
Pub. Date:   November 06, 2019
Availability:   Pre-Order
UPC:   04577802721701031
For ages:   16+

What if the children of the .0001% reject their family legacies of global brutality and tear down the billionaire patriarchy? The new ongoing series BILLIONAIRE KILLERS returns to the provocative world of YOUNG TERRORISTS for a standalone story about corruption, conspiracy, and what happens when the next generation vows to burn it all down. We live in an age where the CEO of ExxonMobil can be America's Secretary Of State. A hedge fund manager worth $300 million is the Secretary Of The Treasury. A lawyer who sued the EPA 14 times is head of the EPA. In BILLIONAIRE KILLERS, the children of elites discover their fathers are not just titans of finance and politics, but grand masters of international crime empires spanning corrupt governments, arms manufacturers, international banks, and even terrorist groups. From writer Matteo Pizzolo [CALEXIT, YOUNG TERRORISTS] and your new favorite artist Soo Lee [FANTOMAH] comes a family saga about an elder generation that went to extreme lengths for power, and the younger generation forced to look at the parents they love and reject the bloodied legacy handed down to them. It's a world where the President stops even bothering to hide the fact that America is ruled by corporations; a world where the next generation declares: enough.