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Dismantlers #1 (Cover B - Baramdyka)
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Dismantlers #1 (Cover B - Baramdyka)

Dismantlers #1 (Cover B - Baramdyka)

Dismantlers #1 (Cover B - Baramdyka)
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Dismantlers #1 (Cover B - Baramdyka)
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By:   Aria Baci, Ashley A. Woods, Frankell Baramdyka
Type:   Comics
Series:   Dismantlers
Publisher:   Black Mask Comics
Pub. Date:   September 25, 2019
Availability:   Pre-Order
UPC:   04577802722401021
For ages:   16+

In a galaxy where terraforming is the most common form of real estate development, a highly skilled team of 'dismantlers' travels to failed sites and salvages what's left of them. But that's not the hardest part of their job. Because relationships with each other can be even more complicated than transforming entire planets. This is not a story of a prestigious Federation or of a powerful Empire, but of the menial laborers who make it all possible, the unglamorous characters who work behind the scenes of galactic expansion. This is a story of their pillow talk, their break room banter, and their totally unforeseen fist fights with the pirates who jack their job sites out from under them. From artist Ashley A Woods (NIOBE: She Is Life) and next breakout writer Aria Baci comes an all new fleet of characters to fall in love with.