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Mister Miracle #11 (of 12)
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Mister Miracle #11 (of 12)

Mister Miracle #11 (of 12)

1 customer review
Mister Miracle #11 (of 12)
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Mister Miracle #11 (of 12)
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By:   Tom King, Mitch Gerads, Nick Derington
Type:   Comics
Genres:   Superhero
Publisher:   DC Comics
Pub. Date:   September 19, 2018
Availability:   Released
UPC:   76194135023301111
For ages:   16+

If there's one thing popular fiction has taught us by now, it's: never make a deal with the devil! And yet Mister Miracle is still listening when Darkseid approaches him with just such a devilish proposition-if Scott sends his newborn son to Apokolips, there will be peace on New Genesis. Since when has Darkseid been famous for his honesty?! It'll be a miracle if this doesn't blow up in Scott's face.

(1 Customer Review)

  • Sep 24, 2018 Willis Warren

    The penultimate issue of the best comic in years delivers

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