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Star Wars Poe Dameron #31
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Star Wars Poe Dameron #31

Star Wars Poe Dameron #31

1 customer review
Star Wars Poe Dameron #31
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Star Wars Poe Dameron #31
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By:   Charles Soule, Angel Unzueta, Phil Noto
Type:   Comics
Genres:   Science-Fiction
Series:   Star Wars Poe Dameron
Publisher:   Marvel Comics
Pub. Date:   September 26, 2018
Availability:   Released
UPC:   75960608458603111

In this final chapter of the POE DAMERON series, we see what may be BLACK SQUADRON'S last mission, as they desperately attempt to find allies for GENERAL LEIA ORGANA'S decimated RESISTANCE.
It's been one heck of a ride, but all stories must come to an end. Rated T

(1 Customer Review)

  • Nov 26, 2018 Jared Wiggins from Louisiana

    SPOILER REVIEW....You could tell this issue and story was rushed to finish the arc. They try to hard to make Poe seem like he is the best. Even have one of the main characters shot in chest last issue then suddenly in this issue it is not even like she was hurt. Poe has to be the one who saves everyone so when two of the main characters from Black Squadron are in danger Poe shows up in a rushed and weak excuse of how and why he is in a strange spaceship and shoots all Ties out of the sky. It was so stupid I laughed out loud as I was reading. Poe tells the two in danger to fly straight up so every single Tie Fighter line up in a straight line right behind the no staggering, no nothing, a straight line...and Poe shoots them all. The panel has them depicted blowing up in a straight line. It was so dumb and very poor writing. The story started out so good then was ruined for me in this final issue. The theme that each person can make a difference and is important was very prevalent throughout this series final arc. It was playing off the theme in The Last Jedi that anyone can be important. As I finished this arc I found myself thinking this cannot be the best Marvel can give us DarkHorse comics did such a better job. Come on Marvel don't drop the ball on these comics. Art was great in this series but the story was very weak.