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Alice in Murderland GN Vol. 02
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Alice in Murderland GN Vol. 02

Alice in Murderland GN Vol. 02

Alice in Murderland GN Vol. 02
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Alice in Murderland GN Vol. 02
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By:   Kaori Yuki
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   Horror
Publisher:   Yen Press
Pub. Date:   October 28, 2015
Availability:   Can be backordered today for arrival at our warehouse in 15 - 30 days
UPC:   978031634894251700
For ages:   16+

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The Mad Tea Party begins in this deliciously violent, fast- and-loose romp through the pages of Alice in Wonderland from the one and only master of gothic horror, Kaori Yuki! Red Riding Hood, stained crimson with blood is never going home to Grandmother's house. To its heir, the illustrious Kuonji estate promises eternal life. The price the heir must pay for this sublime honor, however, is a pound of flesh-that of his or her brothers and sisters and extracted by his or her own hands.

The prospect of having to fight her beloved elder sister 'Red Riding Hood' Claire to the death sends Stella into a dizzying spiral of despair. And then, out comes her other self, 'Bloody Alice,' whispering in her ear: 'This is our fate!' As the White Rabbit and Zeno, her first love, watch over the battle-worn Stella, what is it that creeps ever nearer to her and her destiny?

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