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Berserk Volume 03 TPB
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Berserk Volume 03 TPB

Berserk Volume 03 TPB

6 customer reviews
Berserk Volume 03 TPB
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Berserk Volume 03 TPB
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By:   Kentaro Miura
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   Action-Adventure, Manga
Publisher:   Dark Horse
Orig. Released:   2004
Pub. Date:   April 14, 2004
Availability:   Released
ISBN:   978-1-59307-022-9
UPC:   978159307022951499
For ages:   18+
Details:   Soft cover, 240 pages, b&w, 5" x 7"

Guts, the feared Black Swordsman, finishes his desperate battle with the monstrous Count, but the Count's dying pleas activate the Behelit, summoning the five God Hands, demon lords of immeasurable power. Guts' journey so far has been a long road of pain and death, but it's a walk in the park compared to fighting his way out of Hell itself! Created by Kenturo Miura, Berserk is exactly what its title advertises; a savage, gruesome, and often humorous roller-coaster ride, inspiring the internationally popular anime series.

  • Each volume of Berserk comes shrink-wrapped and carries a cover content advisory.

  • One of the most eagerly anticipated manga properties in recent years, Berserk was originally published in Japan and has been serialized in Young Animal Magazine since the early 1990s.

  • The Berserk manga has been adapted into a best-selling anime series available from Media Blasters!


(6 Customer Reviews)

  • Oct 30, 2015 Eddy Riggs from Council Bluffs

    A stellar conclusion to the story arc started in volume 1, and the beginning of the much talked about Golden Age Arc. This volume really gives you a peek into the character of Guts, and starts to show you why he is, the way he is.

  • Apr 28, 2011 Devin Morris from Mesa, CA

    Another great volume from Berserk. My all time favorite Manga.

  • Jun 05, 2010 Matt Boone from Covington, VA

    Great series! Will continue to buy the books to keep up!

  • Apr 17, 2008 Alexis from JAPAN

    Fast shipping and great quality! also great series! A must buy!!!

  • Mar 28, 2008 Wyatt from Australia

    Great third installment of the Berserk series. I was very impressed at the speed of the delivery and also at the excellent condition of the manga volume. Great work tfaw!

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  • Apr 15, 2004 Jeff from Michigan

    Great volume! We meet the God Hand for the first time and begin Guts' 10 volume long flashback with the Band of the Hawk.

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