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Berserk Volume 26 TPB
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Berserk Volume 26 TPB

Berserk Volume 26 TPB

6 customer reviews
Berserk Volume 26 TPB
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Berserk Volume 26 TPB
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By:   Kentaro Miura
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   Action-Adventure, Manga
Publisher:   Dark Horse
Pub. Date:   November 26, 2008
Availability:   Released
ISBN:   978-1-59307-922-2
UPC:   978159307922251499
For ages:   18+
Details:   B&W, 224 pages, TPB, 5 1/8" x 7 1/4"

Guts, the Black Swordsman, goes from the frying pan to the fire as he enters the mating chamber in the horrifying lair of the trolls to rescue his love, Casca, and the Lady Farnese from the loathsome attentions of the hideous beasts. But while even an army of trolls cannot stand against Guts's boundless fury, the mightiest of warriors is no match for a demon lord. And so when Slan of the Godhand manifests from the entrails of slain trolls and takes Guts into her deadly embrace, Guts discovers he may not only be fighting for his life, but for his very soul!

* Over 100,000 books sold in this series in one year alone!

* Each volume comes shrink-wrapped and carries an 18+ content advisory.

* Beginning with volume 13, the Dark Horse editions of Berserk contain material never-before-adapted to anime!

* "Miura's illustration captures the primal fear of the dark with forms that are chilling when masked in darkness and horrifying when revealed." -Ain't It Cool News

(6 Customer Reviews)

  • Feb 16, 2012 Todd from Boulder CO

    Good seller

  • Feb 11, 2012 Paul Santos from Sydney, NSW

    If you've never read manga than this is the best series to start off with. Art, story, characters, all these aspects are very addictive and you'll find you'll be collecting the whole series.

  • Jan 10, 2009 Kade from tacoma WA

    The book was good and fulfilled all expectations.

  • Jan 01, 2009 Magne from norway

    it was an good book and follows the seris nicely

  • Dec 30, 2008 Cody from Maple Grove

    Awesome a great book and great service

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  • Dec 28, 2008 Ryan from Northridge CA.

    Berserk is one of the greatest manga epics being Published. Stellar artwork and detail along with the gripping story of The Black Swordsman Gutz journey fighting both personal actual demons.

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