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Final Crisis Revelations HC
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Final Crisis Revelations HC

Final Crisis Revelations HC

1 customer review
Final Crisis Revelations HC
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Final Crisis Revelations HC
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By:   Greg Rucka, Philip Tan, Jonthan Glapion
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   Superhero
Publisher:   DC Comics
Pub. Date:   August 05, 2009
Availability:   Can be backordered today for arrival at our warehouse in 15 - 30 days
ISBN:   1401223222
UPC:   978140122322951999
Details:   Full color, Hard cover

This item is currently not available, but we will special order a copy from our supplier if you choose to backorder it from us today. Delivery will be delayed while the backorder is processed and shipped from our supplier to our warehouse. Your credit card will not be charged for this item until it is ready to be shipped to you. For more information, please see our backordering help page.

As a massive cosmic battle between good and evil rages across the DC Universe, a war of faith tests the might of The Spectre and the souls of humanity! Darkseid has waged a brainwashing war against mankind, leaving The Spectre to face off against the mad god's followers.

Worshipping a religion based on crime, these disciples plan to subdue humanity and extinguish its free will. It's up to The Spectre, The Question and Batwoman to take down these minions before all hope is lost in this new hardcover collecting the entire 5-issue miniseries!

(1 Customer Review)

  • Nov 28, 2011 Andrew Whitehead from Australia

    I'm fine with religion in comics if it's done tastefully, but this is mental. It's Greg Rucka writing Batwoman and Huntress, and on paper that's pretty amazing, so how bad could it be? The answer is very bad. The whole Spectre and God and angels and demons stuff just drones on and on for so long. It goes beyond the usual "God works in mysterious ways" vibe, this is full on "Christians got it right! Repent sinners!". I've seen reviews from religious people who think this went too far. Didactic pandering rubbish that's too wrapped up in religious dogma to be worth a read.

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