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Pizzasaurus Rex TPB
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Pizzasaurus Rex TPB

Pizzasaurus Rex TPB

Pizzasaurus Rex TPB
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Pizzasaurus Rex TPB
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By:   Justin Wagner
Type:   Graphic Novels
Publisher:   Oni Press
Pub. Date:   July 25, 2018
Availability:   Released
ISBN:   1620105071
UPC:   978162010507851499

Meet Jeremy Duderman, the most extremely awesome scientific mind of his generation. Too bad everyone's too busy bullying him or just generally disliking him to realize it. But that all ends today. Jeremy has invented the Reality Alternative Dimensionator (R.A.D. for short), a device that allows Rex Raditude, the Pizzasaurus, to enter our dimension. He's a guitar-shredding, pizza-loving party animal with only one thing on his mind: BEING TOTALLY RAD, DUDE. But is that enough to stop Emperor Buzzkill and his horde of hapless minions who are bent on ending pizza parties, skateboarding, and all things rad? And can poor, pitiful Jeremy Duderman, quite possibly the dorkiest dude in the universe, help Rex in defeating them?

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