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Sin City Volume 2: A Dame to Kill For 2nd Edition TPB
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Sin City Volume 2: A Dame to Kill For 2nd Edition TPB

Sin City Volume 2: A Dame to Kill For 2nd Edition TPB

8 customer reviews
By:   Frank Miller
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   Fiction, Fiction, Fiction
Publisher:   Dark Horse
Pub. Date:   March 02, 2005
Availability:   Released
ISBN:   978-1-59307-294-0
For ages:   16+
Details:   Soft cover, 208 pages, b&w, 6" x 9"

It's one of those hot nights, dry and windless. The kind that makes people do sweaty, secret things. Dwight's thinking of all the ways he's screwed up and what he'd give for one clear chance to wipe the slate clean, to dig his way out of the numb gray hell that is his life. And he'd give anything. Just to cut loose. Just to feel the fire. One more time.

And then Ava calls.

- Frank Miller's Sin City motion-picture is based on three Sin City titles: Sin City: The Hard Goodbye, Sin City: The Big Fat Kill, and Sin City: That Yellow Bastard.

- All of the Sin City titles are redesigned by award-winning book designer, Chip Kidd.


(8 Customer Reviews)

  • Jun 21, 2014 TRISTAN from Australia

    Have been searching for this edition everywhere and finally found a place I could buy it for a good price and is very trustworthy.

  • Jan 02, 2013 Victoria from Sydney, Australia

    Got this with some other nick and dents, in awesome condition. Love all of frank millers work!!

  • Jul 09, 2012 David Munoz from North Las Vegas, NV


  • Jan 30, 2009 Luis from Madrid

    A classic, from vol 1 to 7. A must have.

  • Dec 25, 2007 Josh from Between the Spaces

    Dope as half a bird!! LOGOS!!

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  • Oct 04, 2007 paul from vermont


  • May 08, 2007 Jimmy from St. Louis

    Sin City has come to speak for itself as a masterpiece over the years. This is a fine example of Miller's style.

  • Dec 07, 2005 Patrick from New Jersey

    Dwight's first story prior to the one in the first film, but is going to be in sequel. Explains why Dwight has a 'new face'. Marv cameo, good read.

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