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Spider-Geddon TPB Covert Ops
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Spider-Geddon TPB Covert Ops

Spider-Geddon TPB Covert Ops

Spider-Geddon TPB Covert Ops
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Spider-Geddon TPB Covert Ops
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By:   Priest, Paulo Siqueira, Shane Davis, Jody Houser, Andres
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   Superhero
Publisher:   Marvel Comics
Pub. Date:   February 27, 2019
Availability:   Released
ISBN:   1302914979
UPC:   978130291497451799

Many are the missions in SPIDER-GEDDON - and two very different squads of web-slingers undertake some of the deadliest! Kaine, Jessica 'Spider-Woman' Drew, Ashley Barton from the OLD MAN LOGAN universe and brand-new characters Astro-Spider and Spider-Kid are the Spider-Force - but their first assignment may well be their last! Are they prepared to sacrifice everything to save the Multiverse? Elsewhere, original Spider-Girl May 'Mayday' Parker teams up with her Prime Universe namesake Anya Corazon and Annie May Parker, A.K.A. Spiderling of the RENEW YOUR VOWS world! Mayday will do anything to protect her little brother from the Inheritors, and Anya's knowledge of the mystical Spider-Totems could save the day - but how does Annie fit in with this trio of Spider-Girls? Collecting SPIDER-FORCE #1-3 and SPIDER-GIRLS #1-3. Rated T+

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