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Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes TPB
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Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes TPB

Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes TPB

By:   Tim Seeley, David Walker, Ferndo Dagnino, Sandra Moli, Duncan Fegredo
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   Action-Adventure, Science-Fiction
Publisher:   Dark Horse
Pub. Date:   May 17, 2017
Availability:   Released
ISBN:   978-1-50670-157-8
UPC:   978150670157851999
For ages:   12+
Details:   Full color, 144 pages; TPB, 7'' x 10''

Caesar's birth in the original Planet of the Apes films was a result of the time travel at the core of that story. Tim Seeley (Revival) and David Walker (Power Man and Iron Fist) relocate that birth to nineteenth-century Africa, where Caesar crosses paths with Tarzan, leading to a much different fate for man and ape.

Drawing deeply from the Tarzan novels and the Apes films, Seeley and Walker run Caesar and the Lord of the Jungle through the enslavement of the apes, through a century of war, and through the center of the earth. Collects issues #1–#5 of the series.

"Seeley, Walker, Dagnino, Molina, and Piekos have crafted a fitting, adventurous tribute to two historical franchises that celebrates their differences and revels in their similarities."-Comicosity

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