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Wolverine vs. Deadpool TPB
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Wolverine vs. Deadpool TPB

Wolverine vs. Deadpool TPB

Wolverine vs. Deadpool TPB
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Wolverine vs. Deadpool TPB
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By:   Larry Hama, Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson, Joe Kelly, Fabian Nicieza, Daniel Way, Stuart Moore, Christopher Golden, Marc Andreyko, Adam Kubert, Fabio Laguna, Walter McDaniel, Ron Lim, Steve Dillon, Shawn Crystal, Ben Herrera, Simone Bianchi
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   Superhero
Publisher:   Marvel Comics
Pub. Date:   February 22, 2017
Availability:   Released
UPC:   978130290466152999
Page Count:   336

The Merc with a Mouth takes on the Mutant with the Mutton chops in their greatest battles - and occasional team-ups! Katanas and claws clash in their brutal first meeting - but when someone targets Weapon X survivors, Wolverine must ride to Deadpool's rescue! Doctor Bong tolls for our heroes, then things get hairy over a werewolf! And when a bounty is placed on Logan's head, guess who tries to collect!

An assault on a Hydra base will have them at each other's throats, while Wolvie plays straight man to Wade's wisecracker in a showdown with a Shi'ar robot. But things really go off the deep end in the main event - one ultimate, over-the-top, slicing-and-dicing slobberknocker!

Parental Advisory

This title collects
Wolverine (1988) #88 and #154-155, Deadpool (1997) #27, Cable & Deadpool #43-44, Wolverine: Origins #21-25, Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy #1, + material from Wolverine Annual '95 and '99
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