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Backorder Help

Some Products Sell Out Quickly, Permanently has a very dynamic inventory. Some items (usually collectibles and comic books) have very limited supply and sell out within a few hours or days of arriving in our warehouse, never to be seen again. In these cases, we highly recommend our Pre-Order or Subscription services to secure these hot products.

Other Products Sell Out, But More Are Available

Other products sell more quickly than we anticipate, depleting our stock shortly after arrival. Many of these products are still available from our suppliers, and can usually be restocked within a couple weeks.

Backordering at TFAW

Backorderable items are identified by a "Backorder" button in place of the usual "Add to Cart" or "Pre-Order" buttons.  Backorders typically arrive to us within 15-30 days of being special ordered.

How Do Backorders Work?

When you backorder a product, we will place an order with our supplier. When the product arrives in our warehouse, your order will be processed on the following Wednesday along with any pre-ordered products that are ready for shipment. Your credit card will not be charged when you backorder products. Your credit card will be charged when the product is ready for shipment.

In many ways, backordering a product is very similar to pre-ordering:

  •  You are not charged for the backordered item until it ships.
  • Backordered items are automatically combined with your scheduled pre-order shipments to save you money on shipping costs. Shipping costs are assessed and charged for each individual shipment at the time it begins processing for shipment based on the total size and weight of the package.
  • Like pre-order and subscriptions items, backorder items are not eligible for in-store pickup.

Pre-Order/Backorder Shipping Frequency

One of the features of our system is the Shipping Frequency menu. This allows you to choose having your available Pre-Orders/Backorders shipped every 1, 2, or 4 weeks. This is very convenient for subscription holders since by selecting "Every 4 weeks" you can have an entire month of comics sent to you in one shipment.

Unfortunately this feature is only applicable to Pre-Orders and Backorders. In-Stock items will begin processing for shipment immediately after the order is finalized. When you initiate a Pre-Order shipping frequency, the first item to become available (or items if more than one item arrives the first week) is shipped out when it arrives. Your next shipment will then be sent based on the shipping frequency you chose, and any items that arrive after that will be shipped together, following your frequency and schedule. Again, this is for pre-order and back order items and does not apply to In-Stock items.

In the event that your order is due to be shipped on a holiday, it will be shipped the next business day after the holiday (except on weekends).

Can I Cancel My Backorder?

Generally, no. When you backorder an item, you are authorizing TFAW to special-order an item for you and charge your credit card when it arrives in stock. Placing a backorder is committing to purchasing that item, much like a pre-order.