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Apparel sizes are abbreviated using the following:

  • S=Small
  • M=Medium
  • L=Large
  • XL=Extra Large
  • XXL=Double Extra Large

B&W - Black and White. Refers to comics that have black and white interior pages. 

Cold Cast Statue - A statue that is produced by pouring a mixture of plastics and organic materials into a mold. Since the material doesn't have to be heated to do this, it is called "cold casting."

FC - Full Color. Refers to comics that have colored interior pages.

GSA - Graphic Story Album. Basically this is much like a traditional book, but with dozens of full page illustrations.

HC - Hard Cover book.

GN - Graphic Novel. These are original works, not reprints like most trade paperbacks.

Ltd. Ed. - Limited Edition. Limited editions are usually signed and numbered by one or more of the creators. They are limited to a specific print run. There will be no reprint with a signature.

DM Ed. - Direct Market Edition. An item intended to be sold primarily through comic specialty stores. Content of the item is typically identical to the normal item, but may have a variant cover.

Nick & Dent - Nick & Dent refers to the less-than-mint-condition items we have for sale. These items have been handled and may have minor dings, scratches, etc. (Sorry, no returns or replacements on Nick & Dent items.)

PVC - Poly Vinyl Chloride. Generally a solid plastic figure with no articulation.

Resin Model Kit - A kit which is assembled and painted by the purchaser. Resin refers to the material which the model as made of. Similar to Cold Cast Statues, the resin is poured into a mold while cold.

SC - Soft Cover book.

Tip-In Plate - In a limited edition book, a page which is signed by a creator and inserted into the interior of the book prior to bindery. This process is called "tipping in." 

TPB - Trade PaperBack. In the comic industry, a TPB is a reprint collection of a comic series bound together as one volume. For example, "Star Wars: Crimson Empire" numbers 1-6 were collected into a single volume called "Star Wars: Crimson Empire TPB."

Vinyl Model Kit - Like the resin model kit, this is a kit that is assembeld and painted by the purchaser. The difference is in the material it is made of and the process by which it is molded. In this case, PVC, or plastic, is melted and injected into metal molds to produce the finished product.

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Item Condition

Here at Things From Another World we offer two different categories of purchases for item condition on our site: New and Nick & Dent

Nick & Dent

Nick & Dent purchases are new items that may have minor damage such as dings, creases, or small tears to the outer cover or package that take the item out of a brand new condition. These items still make great readers copies or display figures however, and are offered at a considerable discount from the regular retail price. All items within our Nick & Dent category will be specifically listed as such in the product name to ensure that these items are clearly indicated for condition. Check out our help section for Nick & Dent purchases for additional information on this category, as well as examples of some of the damages to items in this category.


All other items sold on our site are categorized as being in brand new condition, and all comics are guaranteed to be in Very Fine (VF) condition or better for grading. You can check out complete information regarding comic condition on the Comic Grading section of our help pages below. Please be aware that as our distributor does not guarantee all new copies will be individually shrink wrapped we are unable to guarantee whether our copies will be shrink wrapped or not, however all non-Nick & Dent books are guaranteed to be in a new and undamaged condition.

If an item not specifically indicated as a Nick & Dent purchase ever arrives outside of the stated VF condition or better please CONTACT US so that we can assist in getting things resolved for you! 

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Nick & Dents

We have very high quality standards at We won't knowingly ship a product we find to be defective. Every so often, we stumble upon a product that is not up to our standards and offer it for 50% off as a Nick & Dent.

Nick & Dent Graphic Novels:

Nick & Dent books may have slight wear, such as a scratch on the cover, slightly dented spine, or small markings on the spine or top/bottom edges. They're perfectly good reading copies that have minor shelf wear.

Slight scuffs on the cover of Nick and Dent graphic novel Dented cover of Nick and Dent graphic novel Side-by-side comparison of Nick and Dent graphic novel vs. normal product.
Slight scuffs on the cover (click on image to zoom)                   Dented corner (click on image to zoom)                      Side-by-side comparison w/Nick & Dent on the left (click on image to zoom)

Nick & Dent Statues, Toys & Merchandise:

Non-book Nick & Dent products are in great condition, but the packaging is damaged. However, if you were planning on taking the product out of the box anyway, this is a great way to grow your collection on the cheap.

Side-by-side comparison of Nick and Dent statue vs. normal product.
Side-by-side statue comparison w/Nick & Dent on the left (click on image to zoom)

Nick & Dent Return Policy:

Sorry, we do not allow returns on Nick & Dent items. If you feel your Nick & Dent item is excessively damaged or was damaged in transit, please CONTACT US so we can help resolve any issues. 

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Comic Grading

When reviewing the possible defects a comic book may have as shown below for the various grades, please keep in mind that while a single defect may not reduce a comic's grade, that defect if repeated and/or combined with other accumulated defects, may push the grade down by one or more grades.

All COMICS ordered from can be expected in a VF condition or higher.

Mint (MT)

Near perfect in every way. Only the most subtle bindery or printing defects are allowed. Cover is flat with no surface wear. Cover inks are bright with high reflectivity and minimal fading. Corners are cut square and sharp. Staples are generally centered, clean with no rust. Cover is generally well centered and firmly secured to interior pages. Paper is supple and fresh. Spine is tight and flat.

Near Mint (NM)

Nearly perfect with only minor imperfections allowed. This grade should have no corner or impact creases, stress marks should be almost invisible, and bindery tears must be less than 1/16 inch. A couple of very tiny color flecks, or a combination of the above keeps the book from being perfect, where the overall eye appeal is less than Mint drops the book into this grade. Only the most subtle binding and/or printing defect allowed. Cover is flat with no surface wear. Cover inks are bright with high reflectivity and minimum of fading. Corners are cut square and sharp with ever to slight blunting permitted. Staples are generally centered, clean with no rust. Cover is well centered and firmly secured to interior pages. Paper is supple and like new. Spine is tight and flat.

Very Fine (VF)

An excellent copy with outstanding eye appeal. Sharp, bright and clean with supple pages. Cover is relatively flat with almost no surface wear. cover inks are generally bright with moderate to high reflectivity. Staples may show some discoloration. Spine may have a couple of almost insignificant transverse stress lines and is almost completely flat. Bindery tears should be less than 1/8 inch. A barely unnoticeable 1/4 inch crease is acceptable, if color is not broken. Pages and covers can be yellowish/tannish (at the least but not brown and will usually be off-white to white).

Fine (FN)

An above average copy that shows minor wear but is still relatively flat and clean with no significant creasing or other serious defects. Eye appeal is somewhat reduced because of slight surface wear and possibly a small defect such as a few slight cross stress marks on spine or a very slight spine split (1/4"). A Fine condition comic appears to have been read a few times and has been handled with moderate care. Compared to a VF, cover inks are beginning to show a significant reduction in reflectivity but it is still a highly collectible and desirable book. Pages and interior covers may be tan, but pages must still be fairly supple with no signs of brittleness.

Very Good (VG)

The average used comic book. A comic in this grade shows some wear, can have a reading or center crease, or a moderately rolled spine, but has not accumulated enough total defects to reduce eye appeal to the point that it is not a desirable copy. Some discoloration, fading, and even minor soiling is allowed. As much as a 1/4" triangle can be missing out of the corner or edge. A missing square piece (1/8" x 1/8") is also acceptable. Store stamps, name stamps, arrival dates, initials, etc have no effect on this grade. Cover and interior pages can have some minor tears and folds and the centerfold may be detached at one staple. The cover my also be loose, but not completely detached. Common bindery and printing defects do not affect grade. Pages and inside covers may be brown but not brittle. Tape should never be used for comic repair however many VG comics may have minor tape repair.

Good (GD)

A copy in this grade has all pages and covers although there may be small pieces missing inside; the largest piece allowed from front or back cover is a 1/2" triangle or a square 1/4" by 1/4". Books in this grade are commonly creased, scuffed, abraded, soiled and may have as much as a 2" spine split, but are still completely readable. Often paper quality is low but not brittle. Cover reflectivity is low and in some cases completely absent. This grade can have a moderate accumulation of defects but still maintains its basic structural integrity.

Fair (FR)

A copy in this grade is usually soiled, ragged, and possibly unattractive. Creases, tears, and/or folds are prevalent. Spine may be split up to 2/3s its entire length. Staples may be gone. Up to 1/10th of the front cover may be missing. These books are readable although soiling, staining, tears, markings, or chunks missing may moderately interfere with reading the complete story. Some collectors consider this is lowest collectible grade because comics in less condition are usually defaced and/or brittle. Very often paper quality is low and may have slight brittleness around the edges but not in the general portions of the pages. Comics in this grade may have a clipped coupon so long as it is noted along side of the nomenclature. Valued at 50-70% of good.

Poor (PR)

Most comics in this grade have been sufficiently degraded to the point that copies may have extremely severe stains, missing staples, brittleness, mildew or moderate to heave cover abrasion to the point that some of the cover inks are indistinct/absent. Comics in this grade can have small chunks missing and pieces out of pages. They may have been defaced. Covers may be split the entire lengths of the book but both halves must be present and basically still there.

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Proper Comic Storage

The condition of a comic book is directly associated with its value. BAGGING & BOARDING  your comics is the first step in making sure your comics stay in the best condition possible.   

  1. Store your comics upright! Yeah they look cool stacked up in huge piles next to your bed, but stacking your comic books like that will cause the spines to "roll," which means they bend or curl upward because of the staples. Using a comic book longbox (or shortbox) is the best way to make sure that your comics are properly stored upright. Remember that ordinary cardboard is itself acidic, so storage in cardboard boxes may be hazardous to your collection. Comic long/short boxes are the best way to ensure your comics are properly stored upright.
  2. After you have bagged and boarded your comic books and put them in boxes while laying upright, you need to find a place to store them. Light, heat and humidity are some of the major causes of the paper in your comic books turning yellow. So keep your books cool, dark and dry.

    Store comic books away from direct light sources, even florescent, which contains high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV lights are like sunlight, and will quickly fade the cover inks.

    Temperatures must also be carefully regulated. Fungus and mold thrives in higher temperatures, so the lower the temperature, the longer the life of your collection. Never store your collection directly against a wall, particularly an outside wall. Condensation and poor air circulation will encourage mold and fungus growth.

  3. Always properly handle your comics. Your mother told you this hundreds of times and now it's our turn: wash your hands! Eating a pizza and handling your prized comics is not the best way to make sure they maintain a reasonable condition and value.

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Comic/Item Cover Images

Please be aware that all images displayed may be subject to change and CANNOT be guaranteed. The images displayed for items on our site are provided to us by the publishers/manufacturers at the time the item is solicited for sale, and may not be the final artwork released for the item. (Especially in the case of prototype images for figures/statues)  If an updated image is provided by the publisher/manufactuer we will get that updated to our site, however we unfortunately have zero control over any design changes made by a publisher/manufacturer on an item.  All items are sold by the publishers/manufacturers based on the specific item code, rather than the publisher guaranteeing a specific cover image or artist, and as such we are unable to guarantee cover images on items.

Additionally, some comics are released with multiple covers that are shipped from the publisher at random ratios. This practice is common among titles published by IDW. D.E., and Boom! Studios. With these issues we are unable to order set quantities of each individual cover from our distributor, and as such, are not able to offer orders for a specific cover on our site.

Unless the product name specifically states which cover you are ordering, cover selection can not be guaranteed and may differ from the cover image shown for the item. All orders will be shipped out at random of the covers available.

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Safe Shopping Guarantee is committed to protecting the personal and financial information of our customers. Our Safe Shopping Guarantee logo is our company certification that provides a safe and secure online shopping environment. Here are just a few of the precautions and policies we have adopted to earn your trust:

  • * All transactions, checkout and account pages use the latest SSL technology to encrypt your information and store it very securely. 
  • * We have met the requirements for and hold certifications for the MasterCard and PCI (Payment Card Industry) data security initiatives, which include strict guidelines for data, network, physical and employee security. 
  • * respects your privacy. Your customer information, email address and financial data are never shared, rented, or sold to third parties. 
  • * is Bizrate certified. We have been reviewed and received positive ratings from thousands of satisfied customers.

If you still have concerns about placing orders online you may also order over the phone by calling our customer service representatives during normal business hours (M-F, 9AM-5PM PST) at 800-862-0052 or 503-652-9701.

If you suspect unauthorized use of your credit card, immediately contact your credit card provider and follow their instructions. To protect you from catastrophic losses, under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50 of fraudulent charges that are not the result of negligence or fraud on your part.

In the event that your credit card company finds credit card fraud but does not waive your entire liability for unauthorized charges, AND it is determined that is the source or cause of the fraudulent transaction, will reimburse you up to a maximum of $50.

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