TFAW Warehouse Update (November 18, 2021) 

We’ve received word today that all of the inspections we needed have come back as good, so we’re in the tail end of this! Over the next 2-3 days we will be having some of the last minor finishing touches done, things cleaned up, and some of our larger pieces of warehouse equipment moved back into place.

Monday morning, we will have our full staff returning to regular hours, and after a very brief period of setting up electronics and organizing materials in our packing stations, we will begin with finishing the processing orders and in stock orders that are waiting to be sent out.

Our receiving team has been working in a remote location for the last week to try and get as much of the deliveries we had received as possible. We will continue receiving through next week (as, with Thanksgiving, we expect it will take most of the week to get through the currently processing orders), and process pre-orders by Monday/Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

At this time, we aren’t sure how many weeks of product we’ll be able to have received for the first week’s pre-order run. We know it will be multiple weeks, but not how many. We’ll have a more concrete update during next week when we have a good idea of how far through the many, many pallets waiting our receiving crew can clear.

As product is received, we will be marking it as in-stock on our site, and getting it put away in our warehouse. If you see something go in-stock but your pre-order has not begun processing yet, please be patient, because we’re all working as fast as we can to get through the backlog!

Thank you all again for your patience and understanding this month. It was not an ideal situation, and it was definitely not an ideal time for it to happen, but you can’t plan for the unexpected.

(PS, if you have yet to receive a refund for your shipping payment or a cancelled order, please be patient. We’re running into limitations with our payment processor, and it’s causing us to take longer for them all to be run than we wanted. Everyone who should get refunded shipping WILL get refunded shipping, even if it happens after the shipment is sent starting Monday.)




TFAW Warehouse Update (November 3, 2021)

As many of you are aware, we recently expanded our warehouse space to help fulfill orders quicker and increase the number of packages we could pack per hour. While working on expanding our receiving area, we discovered some building issues that needed to be addressed to ensure it remained safe for our staff in the future. The first step of repairs began this previous weekend; however, there are several more things that need to be done. Based on contractor schedules and inspection schedules, the work will not be completed until the week of November 17 releases. This means that we will not have staff onsite, fulfilling orders until that time.

We truly understand how frustrating this may be for customers (trust us, it is for us, too!). We had finally caught up and been on track to reach our previous fulfillment times, and now another unexpected wrench is thrown into the mix, at this crucial time for shoppers. However, our concern for our staff and the safety of their working conditions are our number one priority.

To help make up for it as much as we can, we are taking the following actions for customers. (Please note that some of these may not be done immediately, so please give our customer service team some time!)

  1. For orders that were already processed and have yet to be packed, we will be refunding all shipping charges (so that when it does ship out, it will ship free), and granting 10% of the order back as store credit.
  2. For pre-orders that SHOULD have processed (and items that release the weeks of our shut down), all pre-FOC and post-FOC discounts on existing comics and graphic novels will be changed to 40% off (excluding TFAW exclusive and Dynamic Forces comics). (For non-print items it will be a case by case basis depending on vendor rules.)
  3. For in-stock orders placed up until now that were not sent out, 10% of the order will be given back as store credit, and shipping charges will be refunded. (If you placed an order with guest checkout, please contact customer service and they can generate a gift card.) For future in-stock orders, we will deduct up to $5 off shipping charges. 
  4. As an extra apology, we will randomly insert extra goodies into some randomly selected orders placed prior to this announcement (Pre-orders and in stock). These may include regular issues of comics, incentive variants, TFAW exclusives, or graded comics. Some will be announced at a later date on our social media pages. Our first announced goodies are CGC 9.6 and CGC 9.8 signed graded copies of King Spawn #1 1:250 variant, signed by Todd McFarlane. Only orders previously placed have a chance of random things added to them. New orders are not eligible for these prizes but will still be eligible for the above discounts. If you have an existing pre-order and add items to your shipment, you will still remain eligible but will not increase your chances.
  5. Any orders impacted by this (pending pre-orders, in stock orders, or pre-orders arriving up until the week of November 17) will be allowed to be cancelled (and refunded in the case of processed orders) without penalty to your account. Please note this is an all-or-nothing option; we are unable to cancel only parts of an order once it has processed. In cases where store credit was granted for an order you wish to cancel, if you have used any of that store credit for a purchase it will be deducted from the cancelled order refund.

We apologize again for any headaches or frustration this may cause our customers. We hope that these steps will at least help make up for some of the lost time, and if there’s any questions or issues that you have, please contact us at




COVID-19 Notice

  • Due to increased sanitization measures and social distancing practices in our warehouse orders may take longer than usual to be processed and shipped out.
  • Our shipping partners and postal systems across the globe are currently experiencing service disruptions and some shipments may experience significant delays in transit as a result.
  • Thank you for your patience and understanding.