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Subscription Guide

Comic book subscriptions are the best way to ensure that you'll never miss an issue of your favorite comic books. Even better, you'll save 20% at! With a few clicks, you can easily subscribe to your favorite comics!

Plus, you can sign up for more than just comic book subscriptions--our Subscription Service is super-charged with the ability to include statues, apparel, toys, and pretty much everything else we sell!

Benefits of TFAW's Subscription Service

  • * Save 20-35% each month automatically
  • * Subscribe to mini-series, one shots, and annual issues
  • * No up front payment needed--you don't pay until your books ship
  • * Choose your shipping schedule: Weekly, every two weeks, or every 4 weeks
  • * Subscribe to more than single issues! Got a favorite graphic novel series? We'll remember to order it for you
  • * Orders expertly packed and shipped so your books arrive in great condition
  • * Knowledgeable and friendly customer service
  • * (optional) Weekly email newsletter to keep you informed of the hottest upcoming titles
  • * Come in late to a series? In-stock and back issue comics available for order

How Our Subscription Service Works

    • Step 1- Sign Into Your Account

      Sign into an already existing ACCOUNT or CREATE A NEW ONE. Then go to the SUBSCRIPTIONS PAGE.

    • Step 2- Tell Us What You Want

      You have two ways to subscribe!

      Subscribe by Series: This is for ongoing monthly comic book series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Men, or Superman.  On the "Series" tab of your subscriptions page choose your series, click the "add" button, and hit "Confirm"!

      Subscribe by Keyword: This is for miniseries, one-shots, and non-comics items like apparel and collectibles.

      On the "Keyword Subscriptions" tab in the "Title contains these words" field, enter what you're searching for (i.e. "Superman"). To refine this search, enter negative keywords, or what you don't want, in the "but not these words" field (i.e. "Batman," "Year One" etc.), in quotes separated by commas.

      Then choose a product type and maximum price for your subscription. NOTE: If you do not choose a product type, you will receive a list of all products related to your keywords
    • Step 3- Submit Your List

      On the "Series" tab click the "Confirm" button after making any changes to be shown the current month's matches based on your terms.

      On the "Keyword Subscriptions" tab click the "Show Results" button to save your changes and be shown the current month's matches based on your terms 

      • Step 4- Approve or Remove

        After hitting the "Confirm" or "Show Results" buttons you will be shown a list of the items that match the terms you have entered.  

        If there is an item in the list that you want to remove simply click the "X" next to the item to remove it from your list. 
        Then be sure to click:  OR  

        NOTE: Your changes will not be applied if you do not click this button.

So What Happens Next Month?

We'll send you an email each month to review your matches. All you have to do is Remove any matches that you do not wish to receive on the "Monthyly Matches" tab, and save your preferences!

Make sure that the email address you give us is accurate, or you won't get these monthly emails and you will receive every item on your list. NOTE: Be sure to classify these emails as "Not Junk," so they will land in your inbox.

Ready to Subscribe?