The New & Improved Is Here!

We are excited to present the new to enhance your account and improve your experience on our site!  Our new site will load faster, look better, and make it easier than ever for you to find the things that you're looking for!

How Will My Account Be Impacted?

Your current account with all your pre-orders, subscriptions, Wish Lists, and WatchDogs has been transferred over automatically, as well as any unredeemed gift certificate balances which will be automatically applied as store credit to your new account! However, any secured information such as passwords and payment information along with historical information on your past payments and shipments will not be able to be carried over. Not to worry, though, our friendly Customer Service team will still have access to your past shipment information to be able to help with any questions you might have, and we can also send you a copy of the last 12 months of shipment history information from your account when requested for you to have a copy for your records.

Now that the new site has launched you will need to take a few steps to get your account fully activated and ensure that any of your current pre-orders/subscriptions can be processed smoothly. 

These steps include:

Now that the new site has launched it is also a great time to review your transferred account information (PRE-ORDERS, SUBSCRIPTIONS, WATCHDOGS, and WISH LISTS) to make sure everything is up to date for the goodies you are wanting to receive!

Why Do I Need To Take These Steps?

The safety and security of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us here at TFAW, and due to encryption and security compliance processes we were unable to transfer your secure information such as your password and payment information into your new account.  We also want to ensure that any pending pre-orders/subscriptions you may have are able to continue to be processed smoothly upon transition to the new site, so a quick review to confirm your address information and preferred pre-order shipping options is needed to make sure we can avoid delays in getting your pre-order shipments sent out to you!

As a 'thank you' for logging into your account on our new site and updating the account information mentioned above we will be providing a $5 account credit to all of our wonderful TFAW customers which can be used on any in-stock purchases! 

How Do I Get My Free $5?

For existing TFAW customer the $5 credit will automatically be added to your account on our new site, so all you need to do to claim it is to log into your account on the new site after setting up your new password, and then update your account info! The $5 credit will be waiting in your account and can be selected to be applied during the checkout process of your next in-stock order!

For new customers, once you have created an account you will receive a coupon for $5 off an in-stock order of $10 or more.  You can then enter this coupon during the checkout process on any in-stock items that you might be interested in!

Store credit and coupon codes are valid for IN-STOCK orders only, and cannot be applied to any pre-order/backorder purchases.

What Will Happen If I Don't Make These Updates?

Since your secure information was not able to be transferred to your new account, we unfortunately will not be able to process ANY of your pre-order or subscription purchases unless you update your account information appropriately.  These items will be held in your account for one month (until October 25th 2019), however any pending pre-orders on accounts that have not been updated after that point will be subject to cancellation, as we cannot process your purchases without the required updates mentioned above.  We will be sending out reminders to our pre-order and subscription customers to get this information updated prior to the cancellation deadline, so please ensure that you have added us ( to your safe senders list so E-Mails from us are not accidentally marked to your Spam or Trash folders.

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What's Changed?

Apart from the required updates mentioned above and the changes to your account interface mentioned below, there are a couple other changes that you will want to be aware of with the new site.

Your Order/Shipment History

Your previous order/shipment history will unfortunately be unable to be displayed in your account, however all new orders you make moving forward will be displayed in your account like normal.  We here in CS still have access to your previous shipment history and are more than happy to help in the event you need any information from past shipments.  You can also CONTACT US to request a copy of the last 12 months of shipment history details for your account if you would like a copy of that for your records.

Additionally, with the new system you will no longer receive order confirmation E-Mails for pre-ordered items. By clicking to "Pre-Order" an item this will automatically add the item to your list of pending pre-orders to reserve a copy just for you, and you no longer have to go through the entire checkout process for pre-order items. Once we go to process your pre-orders for shipment based on your Pre-Order Shipping Frequency the items processing together are converted to an official order and notification E-Mails are sent out with the shipment details like normal, which will simplify things since you no longer will have separate order and shipment numbers!

Pre-Order Cancellations Allowed Until FOC Date

We know there are occasions where you might change your mind on an item that you had previously pre-ordered, so we are happy to announce that we will now allow cancellations on pre-order items up until the item's FOC (Final Order Cutoff) date, as this is the date that a copy is special ordered from our distributor specifically on your behalf. If you access your MY PRE-ORDERS page you will be able to view the FOC date for any of the items that you have pre-ordered, and any items that have not yet been finalized will also have a delete option if you would like to remove your order. Once the FOC date passes orders are no longer able to be adjusted or cancelled, and the 'Remove' option will no longer be available on this page.

Reprocessing Declined Payments

In the event of a credit card decline on pending pre-order items you no longer will be able to immediately reattempt payment following the decline as you may have done in the past. With the new system if your card comes back as declined you will continue to receive the E-Mail notifications regarding the decline, and once you are ready to re-submit payment you can simply mark your pre-orders as "Ready to be reprocessed" on the MY PRE-ORDERS page in your account. (This button will only be displayed if you have declined pre-orders in your account) Once you have marked your pre-orders as ready to be reprocessed the payment will not immediately be processed, however our system will automatically reattempt the payment within 24 hours. Once the payment is able to be successfully reprocessed you will receive an E-Mail notification to let you know the order is being prepared for shipment in our warehouse! Please be aware that pre-order items that are not able to be successfully processed two weeks in a row due to non-payment are then subject to cancellation from your account.

Estimate Next Shipment/Estimate Pre-Order Shipping

We've made some changes to add a couple sections to your account for you to be able to better estimate how your pre-orders might be shipped out to you.

The first section is your ESTIMATE NEXT SHIPMENT, which is accessible from the left side menu of your account page.

This page is essentially the new version of what used to be displayed in the top section of your pending pre-orders page, and will show you any of your pre-order items that have already arrived in our warehouse and are set to be processed with your next scheduled pre-order shipment! Please be aware with this page that it will only show items that have already been checked in, so additional items may be added to this list when your shipment is processed as they arrive and are checked in.

The second new section is your ESTIMATE SHIPPING FOR PRE-ORDERS section, which is also accessible from your main account page in the left navigation window.

This is a brand-new feature that will allow you to view the estimated shipping costs for the different pre-order shipments that are set to be processed within the next year based on your selected pre-order shipping options and the scheduled release dates of pre-order items. Please be aware that these are merely estimates based on your current settings and pre-orders. Changes to your pre-order shipping settings, changes to the scheduled release dates of pre-order items, discrepancies in shipping weights from the estimates provided initially, as well as further pre-orders being placed and added to a scheduled shipment can alter the estimates that may be provided on this page.

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Getting Around The New Site

Here you will find an image of your new account homepage! Please click the links of the different sections in the table below for more information on the different areas of your account.

>My Account >Address Book >Account Information
>My Orders >My Wish List >Gift Card
>My Product Reviews >Newsletter Subscriptions >Stored Payment Methods
>My Pre-Orders >Estimate Next Shipment  >Estimate Shipping For Pre-Orders
>Watchdog >Pre-Order Options >My Subscriptions

My Account

This is the main page of your account. Here you can find quick access to view and update some of your general account information including your contact information, password, billing/shipping addresses, and Newsletter subscriptions. This main section will also show a sample of your most recent order history, and recent product reviews.

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Address Book

Your address book page is where you can add or edit your address information for both your billing and shipping addresses. This page also allows you to select your "Default" address for billing and shipping, which will prompt our system to default to the specific address for your future orders.

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Account Information

On this page you can make any necessary changes to the name, E-Mail address, or password associated with your account.

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My Orders

The 'My Orders' page breaks down your orders/shipments to allow you to review items ordered, shipment information, and all product/shipping costs.

*Please note that historical order/shipment data from the old TFAW site was not able to be carried over, so previous orders/shipments will not be displayed here. Your pre-orders can all be found on the pre-order page of your account, and you can CONTACT US to request the last 12 months of shipment history information for your account if you would like that information for your records!

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My Wishlist

Here you can access your Wish List! On this page you can review the items currently added to your wishlist, remove wishlist items, add wish list items to your cart, as well as share your wishlist with friends!

Find complete information about the Wish List process on our WISH LIST HELP PAGE

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Gift Card

This section of your account can be used to redeem a gift card to add the funds to your account. This can also be done when going through the checkout process for any order.

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My Product Reviews

This page will allow you to view any product reviews that you have submitted from your account.

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Newsletter Subscriptions

Here you can subscribe to or remove your subscriptions to any of the TFAW Newsletters. We currently offer Newsletters for each of our Oregon physical store locations (Beaverton, Milwaukie, and Portland) as well as our Product Announcements, TFAW News, and Deal of the Day Newsletters.

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Stored Payment Methods

On this page you can review, add, and delete the cards stored in your account for payment.

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My Pre-Orders

This page will show you the list of all pre-order and backorder items pending in your account, along with their prices and release information. This page will also allow you to remove or edit recently pre-ordered items so long as the FOC (Final Order Cutoff) date has not passed. Once the FOC date for a pre-order item has passed we are unable to adjust or cancel any pre-order items, and there will no longer be an option to 'remove' for the item in question.

In the event of a credit card decline on pre-order items this will also be the page that you can mark your pre-orders as "Ready To Be Reprocessed" once any payment issues have been resolved and you are ready for payment to be reprocessed. Once you have marked your pre-orders as ready payment will be processed within the next 24 hours.

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Estimate Next Shipment

This section of your account will show you the pre-order items that have successfully arrived in our warehouse and are set aside to be shipped out in your next scheduled pre-order shipment. Please note that additional items may be added to this list before your scheduled shipment is processed as additional pre-orders arrive and are checked in for your order.

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Estimate Shipping For Pre-Orders

This page will break down your estimated pre-order shipments for the next year based on the current release dates and provided weight information for items. Please be aware that all information provided on this page is merely an estimate based on current information, however due to the tentative nature of pre-order items release dates and estimated shipping costs cannot be guaranteed. Shipping costs will be assessed at the time your shipment begins processing, and are calculated based on the total size and weight of the items shipping at that time.

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Here you can find your current WatchDogs, as well as set up new ones! WatchDogs can be set up to send you E-Mail notifications for item availability, to let you know when something you might be interested in becomes available.

Find complete information about the WatchDog process on our WATCHDOG HELP PAGE

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Pre-Order Options

preorder options page

Your Pre-Order Options page is where you can make your selections for how you would like your pre-order/backorder items shipped to you. These settings include your shipping frequency for how often you would like available items shipped out, your preferred pre-order shipping method, your default shipping address, your preferred payment option for pre-orders, as well as your preference for the bag and board service on purchased comics. These settings MUST be selected in order for us to be able to process any pre-orders or subscriptions.

Find complete information about the pre-order process on our PRE-ORDERING HELP PAGE

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My Subscriptions

The Subscription section of your account is where you are able to set up, edit, or remove any subscriptions where our system automatically pre-orders new items on your behalf based on your settings. This section also shows your current monthly matches that get E-Mailed to you each month of what our system has matched to order for you to be able to make any necessary adjustments should there be an item matched that you do not wish to receive.

Find complete information about the subscription process on our SUBSCRIPTIONS HELP PAGE

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