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Creating An Account 

Creating an account with is easy, and there are several ways to do it.

1) Simply place an order with Once you are ready to checkout with your merchandise, an account can be created during the checkout process

2) You may also create an account using our ACCOUNT SIGN-UP page. 

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Limited Accounts

What Is a Limited Account?

Customers who have Limited Accounts can only make in-stock purchases--they cannot purchase backorder or pre-order stock.

When Are Limited Accounts Created?

Your account may be limited to in-stock purchases under the following circumstances:

If your credit card generates a decline due to being over your credit limit or being past the expiration date, we will attempt to contact you via email about the order. If you do not update your "Default Pre-Order Credit Card" information with a valid card soon after we contact you, it may result in multiple credit card declines.

After three (3) pre-order credit card declines/cancellations, your account will convert to "Limited" status, until you bring your account into good standing. We also reserve the right to change a customer's account status due to a variety of payment complications/cancellations.

Why Has This Status Been Created?

We appreciate our customers and want to keep them. However, generating credit card declines that prevent fulfillment of the pre-orders or cancellation requests leaves us with merchandise that we have ordered for our customers that we may not be able to sell.

How Do I Bring My Account Into Good Standing?

After you successfully complete three (3) separate in-stock purchases, your account will be eligible for review to be returned to Full Account status. You will need to contact customer service once the third shipment has been successfully shipped from our warehouse to begin the review process, and will be notified by E-Mail if approved. 

Further declines or violations of TFAW account policies on accounts that have previously been converted to a limited status will result in the account being eligible for reinstatement in the future.

If you have any questions about the status of your account, please contact

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Password Problems

If you are having trouble logging into your account you can request to have your password reset HERE

Forgot Password

Simply enter your E-Mail address to have a password reset E-Mail generated.  Once you receive the E-Mail you just need to follow the link provided, and you will be prompted to set up a new password!

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